Monocular Night Vision Device

Monocular Night Vision Device Singapore

One unit of Minox NightVision device from Minox Optics Singapore! This device had been accompanying me during my hunt for wildlife and nature at night.


I was setting up my equipment before i entered the forest, and a jogger approached me out of curiosity noticing the ‘weird’ equipment that I was setting up. I spoke to him and he told me that he goes exploring in rural areas and often wants to see more stuff in the dark. He was intrigued with the equipment I was using from Minox Optics and was pleasantly surprised by the Night Vision sight!

So much that he actually asked where I bought the Night Vision Monoculars from so that he could do some exploration at night. I was able to get it quick on his behalf.

Looks like this man will get to see more stuff in the dark from today onwards! I am glad that a minority of people are still interested and care about mother nature over today’s busy money making districts.

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