1 to 1 Photography Course Singapore

As of 2021, we are doing 1 - 1 outdoor photography classes now.
If you are bringing 1 person or more, do let us know too.

-               What we teach:

  • Nature/ Wildlife Photography Class
    - What do you want to achieve
    - Learning about your subject
    - What kind of equipments you require
    - Preparation; Preparing your equipments, mental preparation for the shoot
    - Evaluating the environment
    - How to photograph your subject
    - Shooting Techniques for different outputs


  • Basic Photography Class
    - What is light?
    - Exposure Triangle
    - How to utilize the 3 basic components to make a photo
    - What is each component for and what you should use it for
    - Exposure Compensation
    - Metering


  • Advanced Photography Class:
    - Learn and understand your camera system
    - autofocusing knowledge
    - custom settings/ quick access items
    - Shooting Techniques
    - Framing/ Composing your subject
    - Post Processing (Whats not/ to do)

1 to 1 Photography Class Price list:

1 Hour Photography Class (Outdoors): $220

2 Hours Photography Class (Outdoors): $340

3 Hours Photography Class (Outdoors): $460

4 Hours Photography Class (Outdoors): $580

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Please bring along your camera. If you do not have a camera, equipment rental will be available at extra cost.

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