Photography Classes Singapore

Our Photography Courses are offered to cater to aspiring photographers who would like to handle their camera fluently and produce images with a WOW! effect. Simply sign up for any of the courses offered and be introduced to the wonders of photography!

For the beginners in photography, sign up for our Photography Crash Course where you will learn how to operate your camera and understand the different settings to use in different lightings or situations.

A very special course offered at is the Wildlife Photography Course.

Technical skills and knowledge taught in class is by the photographer himself, Kennie Pan, since 2005, from picking up his first Point and shoot camera. He has since familiarized himself with different camera brands and he is particularly fluent in Nikon cameras.

Knowledge learnt in the courses can be applied to any brand of cameras . Personalized and customized assistance will be catered to each student for the specific brand and model of camera. The course is greatly beneficial and advantageous for you where students can apply knowledge and skills learnt immediately in the world out there!

Find out more about multi award winning wildlife photographer, Kennie Pan.

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