Photography for Beginners Singapore

This Photography Crash Course is perfect for you if you would like to learn how to operate a camera well and get the camera under your control within hours! Learn the Art of Digital Photography in this course and amaze your friends with your new photographs.

A fun and interactive hands-on session is in store for you in this basic class so that you will be familiar with your camera by the end of this crash course and capture amazing photos.

DSLRs (limited sets) are now available for rent during our outdoor class if you do not own a camera.  *Please indicate in advance if a set is required.

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Course Schedule & Fee

Date: Email/ Call us for a schedule

Time/ Cost : 

1 Hour Photography Class (Outdoors): $220

2 Hours Photography Class (Outdoors): $340

3 Hours Photography Class (Outdoors): $460

4 Hours Photography Class (Outdoors): $580

Location will be advised nearer to date depending on your objective/ or you can tell us a preferred choice.

Course Content

  • Operating and handling your camera
  • Understand every single button and operation on your camera
  • Learn about different lenses for different uses and their effects
    • ISO Value (Sensitivity to Light )
    • Shutter Speed
    • Aperture Value
    • Exposure Modes
    • Exposure Triangle
    • Exposure Meter
    • Metering
  • Exposure Compensation
  • Histogram
    • Reading Under Exposure
    • Reading Over Exposure
  • Composition
  • Achieving sharp photographs through countering camera shakes

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand your camera and lenses well
  • Know the different functions in your camera and when to use them
  • Knowing when to use a high or low ISO value
  • Capture sharp pictures of fast moving objects or people
  • Knowing when to use a high or low Aperture value
  • Perfecting the exposure of each photo captured
  • Knowing how to compose a picture to give out an interesting and WOW! effect
  • Understand and apply the techniques to avoid blurred images due to camera shakes

Equipment Needed

  • Any Camera, preferably DSLR or Compact Camera with manual metering modes.

DSLRs (limited sets) are available for rent during class at extra cost if you do not own a camera.

*Please indicate in advance if a set is required.