Wildlife Photography Course Singapore

Boost your wildlife photography skills and knowledge with workshops taught by Multi Award Winning Wildlife Photographer Kennie Pan. Gain Kennie Pan's 13 years of knowledge and experience photographing the wild, compacted into this workshop.

Learn, understand, and adapt to the aspects of nature in order to maximise photographic opportunities.

*Recommended to have Basic Photography knowledge before attending this workshop.

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Course Schedule and Fee

Date: Email/ Call us for a schedule

Time/ Cost : 

1 to 1 Photography Class (Outdoors) Price List:
1 Hour Photography Class: $190
Subsequent Hour/s: $100

Photography class priced at 50% now in lieu of Covid 19 Pandemic.

Location will be advised nearer to date depending on your objective/ or you can tell us a preferred choice.

Course Content

  • Introduction to wildlife photography


  • Basic equipments to consider for wildlife photography
  • Higher end equipments to consider for wildlife photography
  • Importance of truly understanding your equipments inside out
  • Countering extreme low light conditions
  • Best averaged out settings to use for most situations
  • Settings for freezing fast moving subjects
  • Settings to show movement blur
  • Fully utilising different autofocus modules for different situations
  • Last but not least, the most invaluable 'hidden technique', which is the
    'Long Lens Technique'

Field Knowledge:

  • Preparation for the field
  • Lighting/weather conditions at different times of the day
  • Importance of understanding/knowing your subject
  • Reliance on LCD screen
  • Anticipation
  • Compositing your background/foreground interest to compliment your subject
  • The Golden Hour/ Moment

Learning Outcomes

  • Fully understand your camera and lenses well
  • Know the different functions in your camera and when to use them
  • Know when to use a high or low ISO value
  • Ensure razor sharp photographs even in the worst of lighting conditions
  • Knowing the appropriate metering to use for different situations
  • Perfecting the exposure for every photograph
  • Making use of natural elements in every enviroment/condition to compliment your subject

Equipment Needed

  • Any Camera, preferably DSLR or Compact Camera with telephoto ability.
  • Tripod (Recommended)