Pit Viper Singapore

On the first day there, I photographed the female sub-adult pit viper ‘yawning’, but not at it’s most widest and exaggerated pose. Due to my slow reflexes and insufficient knowledge of it, I missed it.

I came back on the 2nd day to get better photographs of the viper, this time with the biggest ‘yawn’ it made.
I specifically pictured this in my head before going to location.
This result will definitely not be made had I not study the viper for the previous entire day. To ensure I will have the shot I wanted in my mind, I stared at the viper from noon till last light, making sure I do not miss any moment.
As most vipers are nocturnal, it will wake up at the last light of the day. Upon waking up, it would yawn, just like every other days.
Photographing at last light was especially challenging as every minute becomes darker, fast.

Glad that I managed to photograph an intricate moment of it!

Not to forget I met the awesome Ros Low while on location a few days later! A BIG THANKS to you for bringing me around the farm, teaching, and sharing your knowledge with me on the different kinds of plants, trees, herbs and spices!

Photographed with Nikon D7100 + Nikkor AF-D 135mm F/2D Defocus on Benro KB 1A Ballhead + Gitzo 1548 Mark II @

135mm (35mm equivalent 202mm), ISO 2000, 1/80th sec, F2.5, Center Weighted Average, Defocus set at default ‘0’.

Subject Distance: 1.12 meters

Click on Photo for larger resolution.

Wagler’s Pit Viper