Photography Course Testimonials

Kennie’s insights in Photography has benefited me a great deal during the photography course which I have attended. I managed to learn how to use my DSLR functions other than “Auto” which I was initially using and I achieved more professional looking shots for my e-commerce website. He is also a patient trainer who explained the different photography terms to the class in great detail, using real-life examples for easier understanding.
– Zhi Hua

Great trainer with lots of real-life experiences shared in the class. Kennie taught us how to achieve better framing photos to make the picture look more intriguing. What I liked about his workshop is that he shows many examples of weaker and stronger pictures!
– Victor Ramasamy

I enjoyed Kennie’s Photography lessons as he shared many of his personal experiences with the class from the good and bad so that we will avoid the commom mistakes. I have definitely picked up faster and garnered much more knowledge from this course than learning by myself for the past one year.
– John Heng

After attending Kennie’s Photography Course, there was an increase in the number of “likes” and “comments” on most of my new photos on Facebook and Instagram stating that they were beautiful shots. I must thank Kennie for teaching me how to frame better and have a background and foreground interest!
– Marcus Seah