Photography Lessons Singapore

The following photography lessons are offered to cater to aspiring photographers in the field. If you would like to master the basics of Photography and grasp the knowledge and skill at the beginners level, the Photography Crash Course is perfect for you! Be able to snap picture perfect photos whenever you want.

Technical Skills and knowledge taught in class are learnt by the trainer, Kennie after many years of self-practice. He has familiarized himself with the the available photography equipment brands and he is particularly experienced in using Nikon cameras. Personalized and customized assistance will be provided to each student for the specific brand and model of camera which you use so that you can benefit greatly from the class and it will be your advantage as you will be able to apply these technical skills immediately.

Our Wildlife Photography course is a unique course which teaches you the technical skills as well as field knowledge required to capture amazing photographs of wildlife or nature. For more details, view the following:

More about the Trainer, Kennie.