Rival Monitor Lizards Wrestling & Fighting (Full Fight 4K)

What a spectacular sighting of being able to see 2 male rival Monitor Lizards as known as “Asian Water Monitors”/ “Malayan Water Monitors” fighting and wrestling, up close and personal. Contrary to what people see, they are not mating or hugging.
Winner gets the girl, loser goes.

This is my first time seeing these lizards fight right in front of me. A feeling totally different from seeing them on the TV. This is something else.

Made the less important photos story-lined style into a contact sheet. Last 2 photos are about 7:25pm (very dark), where I can no longer freeze the actions. Click on contact sheet to enlarge.

As you can see, the ending gets more desperate with biting and smashing. Well light was coming to an end and these reptiles need to call it a day too. Watch till the end and I was totally surprised the tables turned.I myself had difficulty starting to see. Glad my camera equipment helps me in getting my video and photo at such a low lighting.

Date: 18 August 2021
Time: Fighting commenced way before we arrived at 6:30pm, all the way till dusk 7:30pm
Location: Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Singapore
No tripod with me therefore all handheld from 70-200mm on a Full Frame DSLR. Loving how much the 5 stops stabilisation from the lens helped me to get my job done easier.

Heres the 4K video and some photographs along with it:
Video is up for purchase too, please email contact@kenniepan.com

Photos below at ISO 5000, ~1/80th , F4.
Last 3 photos (7:20pm+) at ISO 10,000, ~1/30th, F4.

Slamming each other to the wooden railings