Brown Hawk Owl Singapore


A Brown hawk Owl gives me an intense stare after sunset,where it begins it’s daily night routine. Brought my sister Li, to find elusive stuffs at night in the forest. Glad that my sister was able to see it for the 2nd time in her life. The previous time she saw a Brown Hawk Owl was back in 2010, 1 day before Singapore’s National Day.

I was photographing and video recording it for a good 30minutes. Notice the 1 legged roosting position!  After I left the location, it was still calling on the exact same perch, with another brown hawk on the same tree. Most probably it is a couple.

Photographed with Nikon D7100 + Nikkor AF-S 600mm F4 VR on Wimberley Head Mark II + Gitzo 1548 Mark II @

ISO 500, 1.3 second, F4, Center Weighted Average, used torch to slightly illuminate environment.

Subject Distance: 10 meters

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singapore brown hawk owl

Brown Hawk Owl