Bee Hive Singapore

I was after a kingfisher and was just walking around as my subject was not there yet. Whilst looking up into the trees I noticed a weird, huge bulge below a large branch. It was at least 10 storeys high. As there were lots of branches and leaves obstructing my view from the bottom of the tree, I couldn’t figure what it really was. I was lucky there was a hill opposite the tree. I lugged my equipments with me up the hill and I was rewarded with a super view of it. It confirmed my suspicion that it was a really Hugeeeee bee hive dangling form the branch.

As much as I am very passionate about nature since young, I am not an expert even till today. I kept my distance from the Bee Hive as it could be dangerous.

This hive was easily at least 1.5 meters in length or more. Looking through my lens, I was able to see hundreds or thousands of bees swarming on it.

As I was enjoying the view of this hive at the top of the hill(very deserted), i felt a sudden drop in temperature( like a gust of cold wind) going past me..on a hot day.. and i just realised that there were speculations going on that there was a woman jogger that was raped and murdered here a few years back on the exact spot I was standing at..whoa. As much as I do not believe in Superstitions, i guess it’s time to leave! 


Photographed with Nikon D90, Sigma 300-800mm EX DG HSM (Sigmonster), Gitzo 2330 @

800mm (35mm equivalent 1200mm), ISO100, 1/100th sec, F9, Spot Metering

Subject Distance: 125 meters

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